Get Healthy While You Get Your Groove On At Dance Classes In Jenkintown

There’s no better way to get back into a habit of fitness than taking dance classes in Jenkintown. It’s fun and not even one bit boring. If you’ve found that doing all those calisthenics and gym workouts are a snooze, consider switching to a dance class for your fitness regimen. Dance classes are also a great supplement to any fitness program, giving you variety, while providing a workout.

You’ll feel the stress melt away as you boogie through your class.

It doesn’t matter what type of dance class you take, it all helps burn off the hormones created by stress and puts a smile on your face. Whether it’s ballet or hip hop, it’s just plain fun. People gravitate to different types of dancing. Some love the freedom they feel from contemporary or jazz dancing while others love the grace and elegance of ballet. All types of dance boost your fitness levels and helps burn off stress, so the type you choose is all up to you.

You’ll improve your self image with dance classes.

Dance classes help you improve your posture and that will make you look more confident. There’s an old adage for people with waning confidence. It’s “Act as though.” That means when you look confident, you’ll actually be more confident. You’ll also start noticing how much more you’re connected to your body, your improved grace and even your improved physique. That alone provides a boost of confidence.

You’ll have energy to spare after dancing a while.

As people age, all the things they loved to do in their youth seem to fall by the wayside. Finding a place to dance once you pass your twenties or thirties is almost impossible. All the dancing most people do is done at weddings and special occasions. Dance classes can provide an outlet and you don’t have to bring a gift or dress up either! Dancing is a great way to boost your energy and classes are a good way to ensure you dance regularly.

  • You’ll give your memory a boost when you take dance classes. Not only does it boost the creation of neural pathways, it also helps prevent shrinkage and volume loss in the hippocampus. It can even reverse loss and boost memory.
  • Dance class can help chase away the blues. Studies show that depressed patients who took dance classes that used upbeat music reduced the signs of depression.
  • You’ll reduce your risk of falls and improve your balance when you take dance classes.
  • Dance classes are social and a great way to make friends. People who find their social time limited, love that part of the classes. They have a social outlet and get a good workout at the same time.

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Get Healthy While You Get Your Groove On At Dance Classes In Jenkintown