Get Tough, Get Fit And Have Fun Kickboxing In Jenkintown

There’s a reason that everyone is talking about the new classes for kickboxing in Jenkintown, they’re different from most styles of kickboxing. It’s called UrbanKick® and it’s a new format to a traditional self-defense/cardio workout. You’ll get all the endurance benefits of the punching and kicking of cardio kickboxing, but you’ll also get more.

The benefits of traditional kickboxing.

Traditional kickboxing that focuses just on punching and kicking gives you body a tough workout that burns tons of calories, while also toning the entire body. It’s why it’s been popular for so long. It also makes you feel strong and gives some great moves for self-defense. It helps burn off stress and boost endorphins so you feel great after a session. You’ll feel great after each session and have renewed confidence.

UrbanKick® is that and more.

If you like kickboxing, you’ll love UrbanKick®. It’s everything that kickboxing is and more. You’ll get HIIT—high intensity interval training—blended with it to improve your overall fitness. It boosts your metabolism, improves your cardiovascular system, plus aids in functional fitness. It’s a full body workout that uses all planes of motion to help improve not only your strength and flexibility, but also your balance.

It’s great sports training, but it’s also good for the beginner.

One of the benefits of any type of kickboxing class is that it can be adjusted for people of all fitness levels. If you’re a beginner, you’ll go at your own pace and intensity, gradually working up and improving as every week passes. For the athlete, UrbanKick® kickboxing is the tops. It builds both upper and lower body strength. The HIIT part means you’ll adjust the intensity by working at top speed for a short period and then lowering the intensity for a short period of recovery, after which you increase it again. HIIT is a huge calorie burner, but also one of the fastest roads to fitness.

  • Learning kickboxing can be empowering. That empowerment actually makes most people feel sexy. Strong and capable is the hot new look today. You’ll feel more confident and it will definitely show.
  • You’ll workout on all planes of motions, developing muscles in all directions, which helps improve flexibility, but also helps prevent injury. While that’s good for everyone, it’s especially important for anyone involved in sports. It can help prevent injuries that keep you on the sideline.
  • Kickboxing helps increase your focus and concentration. Not only does it clear your mind of stress that takes its toll on concentration, it boosts blood flow to the brain to improve cognitive functioning.
  • Kickboxing is a great way to break the monotony of traditional training. It’s different, yet fun. While you workout at your own pace, it’s also social, adding to the enjoyment.

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Get Tough, Get Fit And Have Fun Kickboxing In Jenkintown