Getting A Good Workout May Just Mean Going To Yoga In Glenside, PA

Yoga in Glenside, PA is probably nothing like you expect, particularly if you expect to see a room of focused people, contemplating their naval as they meditate chanting the mantra “OOOMMMM.” There are some yoga practitioners that do that, but yoga is so much more today. This ancient practice was once a method to attain enlightenment, but today there are many versions to help people of all fitness levels improve their health through movement.

There are a number of different yoga styles, some of which are quite intense.

Some yoga is meant strictly to help you eliminate the stresses of the day and relax. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you’re looking for something more active that burns more calories. Your goal and fitness level are what dictate the style of yoga you use. The person looking for a calorie burning workout that leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease would benefit more from Vinyasa yoga than classes for beginners or chair yoga meant for those with physical limitations.

Vinyasa yoga is a total body workout.

Vinyasa yoga is a yoga that focuses on flowing from one movement to the next. It works your core muscles as it tones your body. In fact, many of the movements are similar to body weight exercises, since both use the effort of supporting the body weight against the pull of gravity. It targets more groups of muscles than traditional workouts like running. It also burns a whopping 450 calories each hour.

It doesn’t look hard, but wait until you try it.

You may have watched yoga workouts on YouTube and thought it simply looked too easy to be effective. That’s what most people think until they try it. Getting into some of the positions may be quite simple, but holding them for very long isn’t. Think about holding a five pound weight in an outstretched hand. For the first few seconds, it’s light. Now hold it for a full minute. It’s amazing how much weight it seems to gain as each second ticks by. The same is true for holding body positions. With Vinyasa yoga, there’s also a flowing movement from one position to the net that boosts your heartrate and burns calories fast.

  • Studies show that people who participate in yoga often lose weight without dieting. Experts believe it may come from the body awareness they develop that tends to make them eat healthier.
  • If you’re serious about shedding extra pounds, just working out isn’t enough. Get nutritional help, too. While yoga does develop awareness to eat healthier, knowing how to make the right choices is also important.
  • If you’re out of shape or have a physical limitation, a few yoga studios offer beginners classes or even chair yoga for those unable to stand for longer periods.
  • Find a yoga studio that offers more than just yoga, just in case you want more variety in your workout. Some offer classes like Tai Chi, Zumba or just dance sessions that make losing weight more fun.

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Getting A Good Workout May Just Mean Going To Yoga In Glenside, PA