Have Fun And Get Fit At Dance Classes In Jenkintown

Do you want to get fit, but hate the thought of going to the gym to do it? Why not try dance classes? Jenkintown has classes that not only will improve your grace, slim you down and build your muscles, but also are fun. Doing something you enjoy is important. It keeps you working out regularly because you look forward to each session. If you find you’re dragging your feet when it comes time to exercise, maybe you’re doing the wrong type of exercise.

You’ll get a great cardio workout from dancing.

Whether you’re doing ballet, hip hop or contemporary dancing, you’ll be improving your circulation and respiration. Even slow dancing can help you get and stay in shape. You’re moving, even though it’s not intense, and any additional exercise is good, no matter how slow or fast it is. However, dance exercise classes for fitness involve more of a cardio workout, but like any type of workout, you can adjust it to your fitness level.

You’ll build strength with dance classes.

If you don’t think dancing builds strength, you’ve never been exposed to ballet or other type of dance that requires assuming a position and holding it. Dancing builds leg strength and when you lift and hold arm positions, arm strength. During dance, muscles build through isometric tension. For instance, tightening the abdominal muscles while moving strengthens them. Dance also includes muscles shortening and involving joints with the body weight being the resistance.

When you use dance as your form of exercise, you improve your flexibility.

At first, you may not be able to do all the movements of a specific dance, which can occur simply because you don’t have the flexibility. After dancing for a while, you’ll find that your joints and muscles feel looser and you have far more flexibility. It comes from warming the muscles first and then stretching to improve the range of motion. Dance classes focus on improving range of motion. It’s necessary for dancing.

  • Besides cardio-vascular endurance, dancing improves muscular endurance. You’ll be able to dance longer and with more intensity after a short while, which means you won’t tire as quickly doing other activities.
  • Dance classes improve your metabolism and make it easier to lose weight. They are a form of anaerobic exercise.
  • Dancing may have been the first HIIT exercise. If you’ve ever fast danced, you know that sometimes you’re moving at top speed and other times, you’re just swinging to the rhythm. That describes HIIT—short bursts of high intensity followed by a recovery phase and back to high intensity.
  • Taking dancing classes is more than fun. It improves your posture, gives you more grace of movement and makes you more aware of your body. You’ll not only look fitter, you’ll look more confident.

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Have Fun And Get Fit At Dance Classes In Jenkintown