Have Fun And Get Fit In Jazz Classes In Jenkintown

Fun and fitness should go together. You’re more likely to stick with a program if it makes you smile. That’s why so many people find that the jazz classes offered in Jenkintown are so effective. Not only do you get a great workout, you’ll be smiling the whole time you’re there. Of course, it’s a tough workout, but you’ll barely notice that since you’ll be so focused on how much you’re enjoying it.

We often think that dance lessons are for children.

If you took dance lessons as a child, you probably remember that not only were they fun, you felt amazingly graceful when you accomplished all the moves and put them together in a flowing routine. That great feeling of accomplishment should be just for children. Dance classes can benefit people of all ages. It’s not easy to find beginning sessions for adults, which is why we’re so lucky in Jenkintown to have a holistic studio that offers dance for both good health and fitness. You get the benefit of an exceptional instructor who not only is proficient in dance, she’s also proficient in other areas of healthy living.

Have fun while you get fit.

It’s more than the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and joy as your body moves gracefully through the moves, it’s social and healthy, too. If you’re looking for an fitness outlet that has a social aspect and one that will make you smile, jazz classes are perfect. You’ll be amazed at how you work every muscle as you go through each movement with joy.

Get a full body workout without even realizing it.

You probably never thought that dancing as a workout, but it is. Jazz is particularly good, since you’re moving faster, providing cardio, and moving your body on all planes, which improves flexibility. If you’re riding a bike or running, you’re getting a good cardio workout and lower body workout. With Jazz, you’ll be moving your arms AND legs in a variety of directions. That gives every muscle a workout and can get you fit faster.

  • If you want to boost your coordination and endurance, besides your strength and flexibility, jazz is perfect. You’ll find the music moves you through each routine and tend to workout longer than you would in a traditional workout.
  • Dancing involves short periods where the movements are high energy and those of recovery where they’re less strenuous, then back again to high energy. That’s the perfect description of HIIT—high intensity interval training—which is considered a top conditioning technique and calorie burner.
  • Jazz classes make the perfect option for a girl’s or guy’s get together. It’s far better than just going out to eat, because everyone will feel better. In fact, it could be a preliminary activity to a healthy dinner out.
  • You’ll find great dance workouts at Fit for Life in Jenkintown. Not only does it offer jazz dance classes, it offers ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance and more. There’s nutritional help, yoga and many other holistic options.

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