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If you’ve never experienced the great feeling of exhilaration from taking a Pilates class, there’s great news for you. Now you can take Pilates classes in Jenkintown, as well as many other types of fitness programs. Pilates is a workout program that boosts muscle strength, endurance and flexibility while using low-impact movements. It helps build core strength, improve posture and attain overall muscle balance.

Pilates is adaptable to most people’s fitness level.

For those that are just starting any exercise program, it’s always a good idea to get the okay from your doctor or health care provider first. While some of the Pilates classes are for more seasoned athletes or people in good shape, others are for people who are just starting out in the fitness area. The Pilates instructor will start beginners out with an easier program first and then slowly increase the difficulty of the workout.

Pilates can bring many health benefits.

Pilates does more than just improve your flexibility and core strength. It balances muscle strength so its equally distributed to both sides of the body. It helps stabilize the spine, improving posture and helping to relieve backaches. If you’re prone to injury from pulled muscles, it can help. It’s safe for those rehabilitating from joint and spinal injuries. Do you want improved circulation and increased lung capacity, Pilates will help you achieve it. It also helps reduce stress and improve overall concentration.

If Pilates isn’t right for you, don’t worry, there’s plenty of other options.

Pilates isn’t for everyone. Pregnant women, those with heart conditions, those who are obese or very out of shape, have recently had surgery or pre-existing musculoskeletal disorders or injuries, it’s imperative to always check with your health care professional and if you find that this workout program may be too tasking for your condition, don’t worry, Fit for Life has so much more to offer. Tai chi or yoga may be where you need to start.

  • Working out is a great way to start a fitness program, but you can’t out exercise an unhealthy diet. We have nutritional training to help you eat your way to health. You’ll be amazed at how yummy healthy food can taste.
  • Consider adding variety to your present workout. Even those who workout regularly need to vary their program. Pilates can be an excellent addition to your fitness regimen.
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