Tai Chi Classes Make Jenkintown Residents Healthier

People who take tai chi classes in Jenkintown find that it may move slowly but it’s not easy. Each movement must be precise. It promotes mindfulness, but also good health. Tai chi is a low impact exercise, so no matter what your age, most people can safely do it. Just because you move slowly and mindfully, doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide benefits for your body. In fact, it’s one of the best exercises for seniors and can help anyone lose weight.

Tai chi is often called “meditation in motion” because of the slow movements and precision.

You don’t want to rush tai chi and want to make sure that you do each movement with precision. While form is important with all types of exercise, it’s at the top of the list with tai chi. It was started in China as a form of martial arts and has been found to help many health issues. Because of its slow precision, it’s good for most people regardless of health issues. You mimic animal movements in a specific series without pausing, breathing deeply with each movement and focusing your attention on your body and muscles, creating an almost meditative state.

Could tai chi be medicine?

There’s been a lot of attention to tai chi as adjunct medicine. There’s even a research program at Harvard’s Medical School investigating the benefits to aid in improving primary symptoms or even helping to aid in curing the actual disease, while improving the patient’s quality of life. Tai chi is known to help bring relief from pain, improve cognitive functioning and reduce the risk of falls for seniors.

There are many styles of tai chi.

While there are a variety of forms for tai chi, they all have the same essential principles. That’ the integration of mind and body, improved movement fluidity, controlled breathing and mental focus. In each form, the focus is getting the life force—qi—to flow more powerfully and smoothly throughout the body. The practice of tai chi is helpful to providing the integration of body and mind and maintaining balance of the yin and yang.

  • When you’re talking about tai chi, you don’t have to have pain to get gains. It builds muscle strength without using weights. Upper-body strength comes from holding your arms in position and the other movements strengthens the core and lower body.
  • You won’t get out of breath when you do tai chi, but it does help your endurance and provide aerobic conditioning.
  • Tai chi can help reduce stress, while improving your mood. Just enjoying the extra relaxation and reduction of stress can help you live healthier and sleep better at night, which is also healing.
  • One study showed that subjects who practiced tai chi for 12 weeks lost weight without making any other changes. It promotes mindfulness when eating and when combined with a healthy diet, can make weight loss easier.

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Tai Chi Classes Make Jenkintown Residents Healthier