Tai Chi In Jenkintown Improves Your Mood And Your Body

While tai chi doesn’t feel like traditional exercise, it does offer many of the benefits that a hard workout in the gym provide. If you have an opportunity to take a tai chi class in Jenkintown, you might give it a whirl for 12 weeks. That’s the length of time one study lasted that compared two groups of people aged 65 to 70, one taking tai chi and the other Zumba Gold, a specially adapted form of Zumba for seniors. Zumba was far more athletic, but for both, there were similar benefits of lower blood pressure, more elastic veins, fewer chemical markers of inflammation and stress, and higher antioxidant levels.

The good news is that tai chi is a gentle form of exercise.

While you always want to discuss any form of exercise with your doctor before starting, in most cases, tai chi is safe for most people. The breathing and meditative portion of tai chi, plus the slow deliberate movements, also helps burn off stress and puts you in a relaxed state. It not only helps you handle the stress better, being more aware when you’re feeling it to avoid the physical problems tension bring, but also more able to evaluate the steps to take to reduce the stress in a situation.

Tai chi can improve cardio-vascular fitness.

Over ten years ago, a study of 126 patients who had previously had a heart attack were studied. Each was put into one of three groups, aerobic exercise class, a tai chi class or a support group that didn’t exercise. Who fared the best? The people in the tai chi group had lower blood pressure and improved heart fitness, with 80 percent of the people continuing in the classes. Those in the aerobic group had less than a 50 percent retention and didn’t improve blood pressure. The non-exercise group lost 90 percent of the participants and showed no improvement in health.

Are the burdens of the day getting you down? Tai chi to the rescue.

Every day you’re faced with situations that can cause stress and people that carry a basket load of negativity. Tai chi is one way to get rid of the negative emotions that can weigh you down. That can help your health, besides helping your mood. Many of our diseases are caused by stress. Tai chi is meant to create harmony and balance in the body, while increasing strength. It helps your body relax and improves your overall mental attitude, so you leave feeling refreshed and good again.

  • You’ll move with more grace after taking tai chi for a while. It improves your flexibility and can help prevent falls.
  • Tai chi has proven beneficial to help people with chronic pain. The slower motion and weight shifting helps improve your muscle strength, providing joint relief. Several studies show it helps osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and tension headaches.
  • You’ll sleep better at night after practicing tai chi. A good night’s sleep can help a number of different health conditions and boost your overall mood.
  • The benefit of mindfulness that comes from practicing tai chi can also help you lose weight. You’ll be more apt to eat healthier foods and identify when you’re truly hungry.

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Tai Chi In Jenkintown Improves Your Mood And Your Body