Tai Chi In Jenkintown Is A Gentle Workout That Brings Huge Benefits

You don’t have to be fit to get participate in classes of Tai Chi in Jenkintown. In fact, it’s the perfect type of exercise for anyone that’s out of shape and may even think their opportunity to get fit has long passed. It’s often called both “meditation in motion” and “medication in motion.” That’s because of recent studies showing that it offers both healing and preventative aid for many serious health issues.

It’s a great form of exercise for many people with health conditions.

While we’d never suggest you should start any exercise program without first checking with your health care professional, for most people Tai Chi is perfectly safe. This low-impact exercise involves motions that move slowly from one movement to the next. Movements are performed with relaxed muscles and the movements neither fully extend or bend appendages at the joints, so you don’t overstretch connective tissue. In fact, many of the movements are adjusted for bedridden and those confined to wheelchairs.

Tai chi is based on a belief system that you don’t have to study or follow to appreciate the benefits of the exercises.

Even though the roots of tai chi come from Chinese philosophy, that doesn’t mean you have to know the or follow the philosophy to practice it or get the benefits. It involves the Qi, an energy force that’s believed to flow throughout the body with tai chi used to encourage the flow of the qi and unblock its flow. Tai chi is also thought to balance the yin and yang, the opposite that exist in nature that need balance in order to have harmony and health.

Tai chi can be the perfect adjunct or complementary form of exercise for a program of good health.

Many studies show that tai chi may actually be an exceptional preventative therapy and one that helps those rehabilitating from illness or injury associated with aging. In fact, the Mind-Body Research Program at Harvard’s Medical School is using it with traditional medical treatments to either improve the quality of life or help prevent or reduce the damage from certain diseases.

  • Classes in tai chi can provide a great opportunity to socialize with others that are working toward a healthier lifestyle.
  • You’ll find that after a few months of working out with tai chi, you’ll find you feel younger, have fewer aches and pains and far more energy. You didn’t have to go through the aches and pains like you do when starting with traditional types of workouts.
  • Tai chi can help improve sleep, promote weight loss, reduce the risk of falling, improve the symptoms of COPD and reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It also reduces arthritis pain and is safe for those with heart disease.
  • If you’re interested in finding out how tai chi can help you, stop in or give us a call at Fitness for Life. We also offer nutritional counseling and other healthy exercise options.

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Tai Chi In Jenkintown Is A Gentle Workout That Brings Huge Benefits