Fun Facts on Ballet, Hip Hop, Tai chi, etc.

Ballet, hip hop and tai chi are popular forms of dance. The three styles of dance have different origins and characteristics. They also each incorporate finger postures, arm movements, and other techniques that help emphasize the movement across the body. Here are a few fun facts on Ballet, Hip Hop, Tai chi, etc.

  • Women were not allowed to join the ballet: Ballet originated in Italy in the 15th Century but women were not allowed to dance in public until 1681, so women could not join the Ballet.
  • Ballet dancers have a special trick to stop them from slipping: To help them glide effortlessly across the dance floor, dancers rub rosin on their pointes and flats to make sure they do not accidently slip. This yellow crystal substance is also used by string musicians to help them play better and to help baseball pitchers improve their grip on the ball.
  • Hip Hop was born in 1973 somewhere in the Bronx where a birthday celebration was going on. A big change in music started with a little move.
  • The word ‘ break dance ‘ was also derived from the breakbeat DJing of Kool Herc. He named the performing “boys” and “girls” as b-boys and b-girls, When they danced, they were represented as “breaking.”
  • The name Tai Chi is short for T’ai chi ch’üan (or Tàijí quán). It is practiced for self-defense as well as for health benefits, and as a form of meditation.
  • There are health benefits to practicing tai chi such as increased circulation, flexibility, and balance. This makes it a popular art with those who may want to avoid more hard styles of martial arts.

Those are just a few fun facts about ballet, hip hop and tai chi. To learn more visit our studio and enroll in our classes! See you there!

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