Importance of Balance Exercises

There is a lot of confusion regarding the importance of balance exercises. Some people think that it is a waste of time and effort, while others think it’s even worse than useless. This blog lays out why balance exercises are necessary to keep our bodies healthy and active.

  • Prevent Falls – Balance drills help you to control your core and limbs more deftly. Not only does this help improve the elegance with which you move, but it also helps you avoid falls.
  • Building Better Posture – Improving balance is excellent for posture. It teaches you the static and dynamic positions that are natural to your human form. Outstanding balance requires good posture: the two go hand-in-glove.
  • Reaction Time – Balance training can improve one’s reaction time. If you happen to slip or stumble when performing balance exercises, your body needs to re-balance immediately or you will fall. This in turn will improve your reaction time in everyday life.
  • Body Awareness – Body awareness is the sense of how your limbs are oriented in space, also known as proprioception. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, balance training improves body awareness, which decreases the likelihood of injury.
  • How much do you need? – Balance exercises can be done every day or as many days as you like and as often as you like. Preferably, older adults at risk of falls should do balance training 3 or more days a week and do standardized exercises from a program demonstrated to reduce falls.

These are the few important things about Balance Exercises, to learn more come and visit our studio and book a class now! See you there!

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