Importance of Rest Day

Why is a rest day important?

When you are in the workout zone it is tempting to skip the rest day. Especially when you are seeing great progress and your energy level is to the roof.

Rest days allow your body – and your mind – time to recover from workouts. They stop you burning out and losing your mojo, and ensure you’re ready and able to give your next session your all. Rest also gives your body time to adapt to your training and grow stronger and fitter, so you’ll be better placed to make the next workout count than if you skip the recovery period.

Here are a few benefits of having a rest day.

  1. Rest days give your muscles chance to heal.
  2. Rest days reduce the chance of injury.
  3. Rest days help you swerve overtraining syndrome.
  4. Rest days can keep you motivated.
  5. Rest days help you sleep.
  6. Rest days can support your immune system.

There you go! Those are a few benefits of having a rest day, so don’t skip out!

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