Barre, ballet and tap at Fit for Life Jenkintown

Barre, ballet and tap at Fit for Life Jenkintown

Barre, ballet and tap

Mary Jo teaches barre, ballet and tap at the studio, here is one student’s perspective.


Barre can be a gentle, strengthening exercise. You can achieve improved balance and posture.
Perhaps you have never tried a barre class. Come join us for an easy introduction to this genre.
Mary Jo demonstrates where and how each leg and arm will go, as well as in which sequence and finally, in what tempo. Contemporary pieces accompany the actual performance of each barre sequence and- get this! -Mary Jo now again performs the sequence with you providing a beautiful model to follow as you execute the sequence. She also, carefully keeps an eye on your execution of the steps and sequences and effectively pinpoints improvements and variations as needed.
The barre classes are small enough, so you receive individual, specific suggestion for modifications and almost effortless progress. You can be a beginner and still feel your performance is noteworthy. Just follow the pro!

Mary Jo’s Barre class is now offered virtually Thursdays from 6:00-6:45pm.


Mary Jo demonstrates the sequence of ballet movements she has choreographed for each piece of music. She then plays the accompanying music and carefully follows the students’ execution of the ballet moves, gently correcting if required. She spots good renditions and notes them with encouraging compliments.

In practice, the class is geared to participants. I myself had 2 years of ballet instruction prior to attending Mary Jo’s class. Nonetheless, I can follow the class and, thanks to Mary Jo’s observations, progress. This is a fun ballet class in which you can also grow!

Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Ballet class is offered virtually on Mondays, from 6:30-7:00pm.


So let’s talk about Tap! I thought Shirley Temple was adorable on The Good Ship Lollipop. Personally, I had never tried tap before. I love folk dancing, ballet and of course Zumba. How do you even move toe to heel and back, and how do you know when to do so? Besides, I never owned a pair of tap shoes! So of course I was intrigued with the possibility of trying a tap class. Elizabeth, Fit for Life Jenkintown’s owner/director even leant me a pair of tap shoes! P.S. I’ve now graduated to my own!!

Although Mary Jo is an experienced dancer and teacher, she understands a beginner’s hesitation and is often checking back with me,” Sarah, did you get that?” She will then, as needed, patiently demonstrate the sequence of steps again. I often feel like a beginner, but hey, I am! Moreover, guess how great it feels when I get the sequence!!

Please do join us for Virtual Adult Beginner Tap Mondays at 7:30 PM.

Benefits of barre and dance

So we know the teacher is a plus.. what about the material? How does it figure in improving your figure? Yes, dance  and barre can help burn fat, reduce stress, increase flexibility and strength, challenge and define muscle, improve posture and stability. All excellent, healthy goals. Okay, here comes the punch line: It is fun!

These barre, ballet and tap are a great way to add movement to your day, please join us! https://fitforlifejenkintown.com/programs/

To supplement your classes, if you would like guidance with nutrition or diet planning reach to us at info@fitforlifejenkintown.com

Fit for Life Jenkintown Goes Virtual

Fit for Life Jenkintown Goes Virtual

                                  FIT FOR LIFE JENKINTOWN GOES VIRTUAL

Fit for Life Jenkintown : current schedule for a unique yoga/dance studio beginning its second year.

Why so essential now?

As I am sure many/all of you know, social distancing has temporarily closed many (all) gyms and studios. This will be true for at least some of the prescribed distancing time. But wait! This has not stopped Fit for Life Jenkintown.  It continues to offer wonderful sessions to assist you in improving and keeping healthy. This is of course very desirable. However, be aware, being a part of a friendly, energetic group, and receiving exercise instructions from a lively, upbeat group of professional teachers has an additional benefit. I find attendance to be of great mental and emotional assistance! So you may work off some of that one tempting treat you indulged in, but you will also leave your class refreshed and in better form and mood. Above all, you probably will also be more upbeat, something quite desirable these days. 

What are the available classes?

There are currently many classes you can join via Zoom.

Please review the current Zoom schedule.

Sunday        11:00 AM    Zumba

Monday       10:00 AM   Mat Pilates                                             

                        12:00 PM    Tai Chi

                          6:30 PM    Ballet

                          7:15   PM    Tap

Tuesday       9:00  AM    Cardio Sculpt

                        6:30  PM    Zumba

Wednesday  7:00 AM   Yoga

                         9:00 AM   Chair Yoga

                        11:00 AM  Mat Pilates

Thursday      8:15  AM  Hatha Yoga

                         9:30  AM  Barre

                         6:00  PM  Barre

                         6:45   PM  Zumba

Friday          10:30   AM  Chair Yoga

                       12:00   PM   Tai Chi

Sat                  7:00   AM   Vinyasa Yoga

                       10:30  AM   Adult Beginner Contemporary

                       11:30  AM   Afro-Jazz Technique (starts June 6th)


         One group of Zoom classes I would like to highlight today is:




Time: Sunday     11:00     AM                                                                     VIA: ZOOM

           Tuesday     6:30     PM

           Thursday  6:45      PM

I love to dance. I particularly love to dance with a talented dance teacher who wants her students to easily follow her lead and enjoy a class well done.

Please meet Linda.

Who is Linda?

Linda is an excellent, upbeat teacher who clearly exhibits all sequences. Moreover, her choreography repeats several times.  This, in addition, makes her a teacher who is very easy to follow. This, in turn, makes for increased fun and a great feeling that you “got” it and are experiencing a great, fun, and productive workout.

Rigorous but FUN and DOABLE!!

Recently, I experienced Linda teaching a new dance. This too was great fun. Linda patiently indicates an alternative step if the one she just demonstrated proves too challenging. I find this very encouraging!

Yet that is not all!

Linda also provides a section of her class that allows light weights and mat working to some appropriate, fun music. It is almost like dancing on the floor!

Do come a few minutes earlier than class begins. Linda is happy to acknowledge your presence and smoothly add you to the participants.

               Come zoom to Linda’s Zumba!